Powered/Electric Toothbrushes

26864615_325993151223933_2702451632334962688_nEveryday at work I’m recommending power brushes to my patients for different reasons. For the elderly I recommend them because of dexterity, a power brush helps those with strained dexterity to manage their plaque levels better. Same for children. For most adults it could be for that reason, or simply because they brush too hard with their manual brush, or because they’re interested in whitening but I notice most of their teeth are stained with coffee or tobacco.

Either way a question always gets asked. “Does an electric toothbrush really work better than a manual brush? and does it make enough of a difference to justify the price tag?”

I’ll tell ya what, I’ve always answered that it does but never had the proof to back it up. Sometimes my word is enough for the patient but sometimes it isn’t. It’s hard to bring ourselves to purchase that $100-200 toothbrush that our dentist offers us.

I’m attaching a video below that shows exactly how big of a difference a powered brush makes.

The brushes in the video are a manual toothbrush, an oral b powered brush, and a burst powered brush. See the results for yourself.


I am a BURST ambassador, so I offer a 40% discount on toothbrushes, use the discount code JUDUNW at check out if you’re interested!



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