Bad Breath


The other day a patient came in, lucky for her- after I had my lunch. Usually I’m extra perky and ridiculous after lunch. I was just chatting up a storm, when she said “Well since you’re so comfortable- I want to ask you something. I have a coworker who smokes non-stop and you can tell she doesn’t really take care of her teeth and I never really notice her having bad breath, but I brush and floss and rinse and I notice sometimes at the end of the day I have bad breath. Why does that happen???”

As for her friend- I would assume the smoking non-stop would create a mask of any smell but I may be wrong. Here’s what we all can do to stop bad breath!

My patient has a great start, brushing and flossing and rinsing. Brushing 2x daily and flossing and rinsing will reduce the amount of smelly bacteria floating around in that gob of yours. If you think flossing is unimportant and you never do it, do it one day and see how bad the floss smells…that’s all the nasty bacteria being pulled out, it’s no wonder some people’s mouths smell like a swamp! I recommend Reach’s Listerine floss because it tastes good and makes me want to floss every day! find it here. 2 main causes of bad breath are having a really dry mouth- think about it, easier for bacteria to latch on. and not cleaning your tongue!

Dry mouth can be helped by the obvious- drinking more water. Also take a look at your rinse, don’t use alcohol rinses if you have dry mouth because it will only make it worse. Go with something like Listerine Total Zero, or Biotene (specially made for dry mouth but kind of thick), or Crest Total Care. Lessen your in take of sodas, juices and lots of carbs that will dry you out.

Cleaning your tongue can be done with a tongue cleaner. Some like the Orabrush you can find it here, and some really like the GUM ones (my preference) get it here either one works, just make sure to wet the tongue while you use it and don’t go overboard. If your tongue is sore, you’re going too hard!

Other great options are ACT- dry mouth lozenges, you can find them in the toothbrush aisle and they are a nice mint flavor  get those here!

All of these steps will give you better breath!


P.S. To be crystal clear I know I place several product links throughout my posts, this is just to make it convenient for you and to be sure you are able to see the exact product I’m bringing up. I’m not an affiliate with any dental companies, besides BURST oral care, and that is because I truly believe in their products and do think they are better than their competitors. Also getting my friends and readers a hefty discount is worth the judgement of being a “Brand Ambassador”.


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