Steps to (Really) Whiten and Brighten Your Smile: Part 1


Most days it’s all patients, but some days it’s only a few. Yet not a day passes without me being asked “what’s the best way to whiten teeth” and my answer is always the same. “What have you tried so far”. If we are starting from scratch, these are the steps to getting a white bright smile!

This particular post is a basic guide to whitening. Part two of this post will follow up to provide my opinion and tips on the holistic whitening options out there.


Step One:  Be up to date on your dental cleaning with your hygienist

Many people think, “I clean my teeth at home, a hygienist isn’t going to make it my smile any better.” However I can’t tell you how many people have thanked me at the end of a cleaning for removing, what they thought was, permanent stain.

A dental hygienist not only polishes off stain with a pumice and high power spin “brush”, they also scale off tartar which usually ranges from a weird chalky off-white to a goldenrod yellow depending on how long it’s been there. By removing this, your teeth will appear closer to one color all over.

Step Two: Rinse after drinking coffee/tea/red wine and after smoking.

After your cleaning, your teeth will be smoother and more difficult for stain to grab onto, so rinse after indulging in stain-producing foods and beverages, and if you are a smoker- rinse after smoking. (A more permanent option of course is to quit, but we’ll be realistic here) Don’t allow these things to sit on your teeth, or they will put you back at square one!

Step Three: Power Toothbrushes

Nothing has been as simple and effective as my power toothbrushes! I received a few power toothbrushes for free in school- The Oral-B professional and the Sonicare Diamond Clean. I love them both! I also recently tried (and came to favor) an electric toothbrush called the BURST brush. They all keep my teeth squeaky clean and stain free!

The Oral B Professional Smart Series brush will run you at least $100-$200 from your dentist, you can not find the same standard in stores. It’s worth the money but it’s gonna put a dent in your wallet! – This one has a rotating head, and is a good option for an aggressive brusher, it gives you the same feel as scrub-brushing your teeth, but doesn’t abrade the tooth surface like you do manually! get it here

The Sonicare Diamond Clean brush is a sonic brush, it works differently than the first brush because it doesn’t rotate, instead the brush uses sonic movements to basically- gently vibrate the plaque off your teeth. This toothbrush is good for just about everyone, it also has the $100+ price tag but make sure if you get it, to only get small replacement heads when it’s time. The big ones will only hinder your progress! get it here

The BURST brush my favorite of the bunch, is also a sonic brush like the Sonicare, but it has softer and gentler bristles, and moves at a higher speed and power. It has an awesome whitening setting and a wonderful gum massage setting. One way this brush stands out is that it has black bristles. They are black because they are infused with Binchotan charcoal which detoxifies and lifts stain from the teeth like magic. We’ve all seen those videos where people scrub their teeth with charcoal capsules…this is the easier and safer way to do that!  The biggest way this brush stands apart for many is the price tag. $69.99 retail price on, but if you want to use my discount as a professional provider you can get it for $39.99 with free shipping! My discount code at check out is JUDUNW get it here

Step Four: Whitening Toothpaste/Baking Soda toothpaste

I highly recommend Arm n Hammer toothpastes for whitening, but Crest and Colgate have plenty of awesome whitening toothpastes too! Crest 3D white has seemed to work well for many, as well as Colgate OpticWhite. If you have sensitivity, try Sensodyne True White.


This is so important. If you have crap between your teeth and you whiten them, you aren’t going to get underneath the crap! So floss first, then whiten/ or brush with a whitening toothpaste. It makes a huge difference!

Step Six: Whitestrips/ Treatments from your dentist

Usually our most accessible and cheap options are going to be whitestrips-

Crest makes them as well as Rembrandt and probably some other brands. Here’s my top tips on these.

Crest white strips– work well but make you so, so, so sensitive!!! Like stabbing pains in your teeth you didn’t even know you could have sensitive! It goes away after you stop whitening for a few days but it’s SO bad guys! Pros: Easy to find and buy/ Cons: Sensitivity and kind of expensive ($50)

Rembrandt white strips– work ok, did not make me sensitive in the slightest. Moderately affordable. Pros: Easy to find and buy/ more affordable ($20) Cons: Don’t work as well as some other options

BURST white strips– Work fabulous, you can see my results on my instagram from using just two strips, I’ll link below. Pros: No sensitivity and a cheap price tag ($15). Cons: You can not get them in stores, you have to order online which can be annoying. You can use the code JUDUNW to get them for $15. Instagram Whitening Results    get them here

All whitening strips are pretty easy to apply.

At your dentist there are usually options to take home a peroxide gel and have custom trays made for your teeth. These are usually a fast option, but come with a steep price tag. Usually you’re looking at around $300-$500. But you’ll have to make a trip or call to the dentist to arrange a quote and take an impression.


Important but optional steps:

Drink through a straw/ Don’t drink beverages that will stain your teeth

Quit Smoking/Chewing tobacco


That’s all I have on this topic today but expect a follow up soon on the trendy holistic methods you see on Pinterest!

Thanks for reading!



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